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La plage de Leucate
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KiteSurf / Planche à voile à Leucate

Windsurfing, kite surfing

With 16 km of Mediterranean coastline and 31 km of shoreline of pond Leucateis one of the first sites of windsurfing, kite surfing, speed-sail or fly to Europe and sky in the top 10 sites worldwide.

That's why the event Le MONDIAL DU VENT takes place every year around Easter, bringing together leading international experts and more than 160 000 spectators.

 Leucate offers seven spots on sea and lake and a dozen magazines dedicated to these sports.

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Char à voile sur la plage de Leucate

Sand yachting

Yes, Leucate is also a place where you can practice sand yachting, it is also the only site of Mediterranean.

It is played on the beach at La Franqui (7 km)


Vue de la falaise à Leucate


We can not climbing the cliff (too dangerous!) Rather in the Corbières, where several sites lend themselves to such activities.

To help you : consult the website oe this other site

Plongée à Leucate


Of course this is not the Red Sea, but we can still make nice dives near cliffs oraround the wreckage "Japanese" (Shizigan Maru) near La Franqui.

Here are two addresses: Leucate diving or Le Poulpe at port Barcares (km) I know well to have dived for years. This is a clubfriendly, well equipped and that can take you several interesting spots until the Marine Natural Reserve of Banyuls-Cerberus.

Sentier de marche


Necessarily between the mountains and the sea, there's plenty to find some great getaways.

To begin, we must not look far: the apartments above. Indeed, the plateau of the cliff is a beautiful hiking site. is the eastern end of the Corbières Maritimes.It was long ago an island, now rather a peninsula surrounded by the sea andthe lakes of Leucate and Lapalme. You can explore the landscape of vineyards, orchards of almond and peach are a feast for the eyes and to turn a corner you come across a surprising and wonderful views of the Mediterranean. This site is part of the Natural Park of Narbonne.

But do not forget you have a plan (available in the apartments or the tourist office) because these small roads lined with vineyards dry stone wall (seephoto) are a maze. Sometimes accompanied by leucatois, we came back later than expected!



The sea is always conducive to very pretty ballads. Only three equestrian centers in Leucate-Plage, Leucate-La Franqui Village pemettent you to browse the landscape on horseback leucatois.

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Vélo en montagne

Bike / mountain bike

Between mountain and sea separated the plain drained by a formidable network of path vines, the whole family can find happiness pedals.

Here too, the cliff and the plateau offer a few meters from the apartments of which stretch their legs.


If you decide to want to visit all that the region is home to monuments, sights, villages and stunning scenery, you will have to for many years because in 45 years, I have yet to go around!

Vue du cloitre, Abbaye de Fontfroide

Abbaye de Fontfroide****

It is a Cistercian abbey founded in the late eleventh century in a state that isremarkable.
His visit is essential. (50km)
Consult the website

Abbaye de Ste Marie Lagrasse

Abbaye Sainte Marie de Lagrasse**

The abbey is being restored. the visit is interesting and the way to achieve thatmark the small valleys of the Corbières.
Along the way, you can visit some beautiful wine estates. This little trip (70 km)embellished good little restaurants in the charming village of Lagrasse (listed in the most beautiful villages in France).

Consult the website

Abbaye de Saint-Hilaire

Abbaye de St HILAIRE** / Abbaye de Villelongue**

Located near Carcassonne at about 110 km from Leucate-Plage, this may bethe opportunity to visit Limoux and taste the specialties (Blanquette de Limoux, nougat).
From January to March the Carnival of Limoux is an amazing and festive moment that you should not miss.

Citadelle de Carcassonne


This is the essential site of the Aude.
The formidable medieval citadel is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.
It is located 90 km from Leucate-Plage, but plan the whole day to the point.
The Citadel: click here
The town : click here

Forteresse de Salses vue du ciel

La Forteresse de Salses****

It takes a bit of history ..

In the late fifteenth century Leucate was a stronghold with its castle (there are some ruins above the village) and was on the border between France and Catalonia.
On the other side of the pond, in Catalonia, it was decided to build a strongmilitary Salses.
This book is amazing because despite its large size you can not see that inarriving at the site.
This is due to the fact that this fortress is half buried. It is 23 km.

Consult the website

Canal de la ville de Narbonne

Narbonne et Perpignan***

Here are two cities located about thirty kilometers from Leucate-Plage, whichare characteristic of two historical regions.

NARBONNE l'Occitane, dating back over 2000 years
PERPIGNAN la Catalane, former capital of the kingdom of Mallorca

Pelican a la reserve Africaine

African Reserve of SIGEAN****

Located 25 km from Leucate-Plage here is a curiosity that will appeal to all ages.
Of 300 hectares, more than 3,800 animals come and go freely controlled for nearly 40 years in this unique site.

In summer, we really like being back in Africa. Impalas, zebras, lions, rhinos, bears, etc ..., can be visited by car (and that's good!)

The rest can be visited on foot along ponds or in small paths between shrubs and plants (with birds, giraffes, crocodiles, etc ... because the list is very long).

It is better to book a day, provide good shoes and especially water to cool!

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Chateaux du pays Cathares

Corbières and the castles of the Cathars****

Castles on peaks with breathtaking at times over 700 m high. (80 - 100 kmfrom Leucate-Plage)

consult the website

Salvatore Dali

Spain and Barcelona

Of course there are the shops at the border for those who want to shop but above all do not hesitate to proceed to visit:
- The three museums in Figueira DALI (100 km from Leucate-Plagewebsite.
- Barcelona is 230 km but we must start at least two days to fully enjoy the city: website.

... and  COLLIOURE(40 km), BANYULS (40 km), les grottes de l'Aude, ...




At the heart of the streets and randomly strolls, you will find, nestled in the village of nice little restaurants that have chosen to work mainly local products.Or when the scent of the sea meets the scrubland for your enjoyment.
Throughout the season, these products also await you on the market stalls.Market day, night markets, world markets, craft markets, all flavors rendezvousin Leucate.
Leucate is also a love story between traditions and gastronomy. Discover the flavors of bourride eel, the incomparable taste of oysters or the excellent local wines.


Assiette de restaurant

Leucate-Plage :

There are 4 unpretentious restaurants where you can eat oysters, grilled fish,mussels and fries with prices contained.

- Leucate-Village : Le Jardin Des Filoches, 64 rue JeanJaurès (Catalan sausage, mackerel rillettes,...)

The other restaurants have not been tested recently.

By deviating slightly :

- Fitou (15 km): Restaurant La cave D'Agnes, 29 rue gilbert Salamo (filet de boeuf sauté au Fitou, côtes d'agneau à la tapenade)

- Bages (30 km) : Restaurant Le Portanel, La placette (eels cooked in 9 variations), and beautiful view of the pond

- Lagrasse (70 km) : Restaurant l'Affenage ; 32 boulevard promenade (cassoulet)

- Cucugnan (80 km) : Auberge du Vigneron (cassoulet)

- Fontjoncousse (40 km) : l'Auberge du Vieux Puits ****. So it's still a bit expensive (it takes at least 150 euros with drinks), but it's the best restaurant in France (5 toques Gault Millau, Michelin three-star).
Gilles Goujon: the culinary citadel of Carcassonne in the Aude. a monument is still impressive work, inventiveness and quality (the products used are what France does best at the beginning of XXI century).
Finally, for those who are passionate about culinary travel is a dream destination.
consult the website

Good wine

Verres de vin

Château ABELANET. Fitou, muscat de rivesaltesThis is a must especially the vintage Roma : Consult the website (15 km)

- Château Haut Gleon . And the more it becomes BIO !! - consult the website (40km)
- Château Gléon Montanié - consult the website (40km)

Domaine de la Rectorie et de la Preceptorie : Collioure, Côte du rousillon, maury - consult the website (80km)

Château Pech Latt : corbières, very good wine (bio since 1991), but the castle is a bit hard to find. (75km)

CEBAZAN : Les Eminades : saint chinian (85 km) - consult the website

Other places

carte de Leucate

Oysters : François Murcia : mas 14 , oyster gray center of Leucate (4km)

The goat cheese : Fromage de chèvre, avenue de la mer à LAPALME 11480 (13 km)

Cookies and chocolates : La Perrière : 1, place nicolas martin , Leucate-Village (chocolat seulement en période pascale) (4km)

Fish: fish sales directly to the arrival of the boats in the morning from 8HOO, quai du Pla input (track G) in Port Leucate, but you must come early for the beautiful fish. (10km)

Catalan charcuterie: Christian SEGUI, rue du Roussillon 66300 Ponteil(Meilleur Ouvrier de France) (50km)


The beach at Leucate extends 4 km of fine sand.
Sand so perfect that it uses standard size (for building sand castles?).

Its width varies from 150 m to a few meters to the end of the beach side of thecliff or very sheltered Plagette at the foot of the cliff (but be careful you mustbe sure-footed and alert to the leg down the steep narrow road the cliff!).

At 700 meters, the cliff offers protection against the Tramontana, allowing the tan to practice in peace.

His exhibition is open allows brave or night owls to enjoy fabulous sunrises.In contrast, the marine lake also offers small beaches washed by hot waterand shallow. For lovers of the afternoon will be able to enjoy beautifulsunsets on the bottom of Canigou and Corbières alone worth a detour toLeucate.

By the presence of the cliff, the transparency of the sea is very often go andwhat better than the crystal clear water to refresh between tanning sessionsor reading (under an umbrella);

Finally, for fans of the children relax, you can enjoy them, in the afternoon, the club's "dolphins Leucate-Plage" (click here to visit the club) who has 50 years of existence, in other words that 'there are generations of parents who have gone on the swings and other slides. Now it's more of trampolines andbouncy castles, but the laughs are the same and crying at the end of the holidays too ...